Public Environmental Review - Metropolitan Region Scheme Minor Amendment 1188/57 Wellard Urban Precinct (East)

Closed 23 Aug 2013

Opened 18 Jun 2013


The Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC) intends to amend the Metropolitan Region Scheme (MRS) for land in the local government of Kwinana and is seeking public comment.

The amendment proposes to rezone approximately 70.37 ha of land in Wellard from the rural zone to the urban deferred zone in the MRS.

The Environmental Protection Authority required the proposed amendment to be formally assessed by way of an Environmental Review. An Environmental Review has been prepared for the Commission to examine the likely environmental impacts of the amendment if implemented, and puts forward proposed environmental management measures.

Why your views matter

The Environmental Review is being advertised concurrently with the MRS Amendment so that comment can be made on both environmental and planning related matters.

The WAPC certifies that, in its opinion, the proposed amendment does not constitute a substantial alteration to the MRS.


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