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Providing opportunities for public participation and consultation is an integral part of environmental impact assessment and developing sound environmental protection policies in Western Australia. The EPA publishes all documents open for public comment on this consultation hub.

Don’t think that you are only one voice and you won’t make a difference. Just one well-reasoned submission that raises a valid concern or offers a constructive suggestion can be very helpful and important.

Please note that appeals on reports and recommendations of the EPA must be made to the Minister for Environment through the Appeals Convenor at www.appealsconvenor.wa.gov.au.

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Open Consultations

  • Asian Renewable Energy Hub Revised Proposal

    NW Interconnected Power Pty Ltd (the Proponent) is seeking to revise its approved proposal to develop the Asian Renewable Energy Hub. The proposal was previously referred under section 38 of the Environmental Protection Act 1986 (EP Act), assessed by the Environmental Protection Authority... More

    Closes today

  • Lynas Kalgoorlie Rare Earths Processing Facility

    Lynas Kalgoorlie Pty Ltd (Lynas) propose to construct and operate a new Rare Earths Processing Facility at Lot 500 Great Eastern Highway, Yilkari and a By-product storage facility on Common Reserve 8767, Yarri Road, Parkerston in the City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder. The Rare Earths Processing... More

    Closes 29 October 2020

  • EPA Strategic Advice for the Exmouth Gulf - Consultation

    The Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) is calling for community and industry input on current and proposed pressures facing the Exmouth Gulf and how they are/will impact on the area’s environmental, social and cultural values. The EPA will provide strategic advice to the... More

    Closes 11 November 2020

  • Bunbury Outer Ring Road – Southern Section - Additional Information

    Main Roads Western Australia is proposing to construct and operate the Southern section of the Bunbury Outer Ring Road project. 10.5 kilometres (km) of freeway-standard dual carriageway, 3 km of rural distributor roads, bridges and other associated road infrastructure between South Western... More

    Closes 14 December 2020

Closed Consultations

  • Urban Development of Lot 9000 Wanneroo Road Sinagra

    The Order of the Servants of Mary Incorporated proposes to develop Lot 9000 Wanneroo Road Sinagra for urban development. The urban development will include residential and commercial development, internal public road network, public open space, and drainage infrastructure. The... More

    Closed 25 October 2020

  • CBH Kwinana Fertiliser Project

    Co-operative Bulk Handling Ltd (CBH) propose to develop a facility for the import and storage of dry (granular) and liquid urea ammonium nitrate (UAN) fertiliser products. The proposal consists of onshore and offshore components and is located adjacent and within the existing... More

    Closed 18 October 2020

  • Cardup Brickworks Redevelopment

    Austral Bricks is proposing the redevelopment of the Cardup Brickworks, which includes the expansion of the existing factory, increasing the design capacity from 200,000 to 250,000 tonnes per annum. The site is located in the southern extremity of Byford. Additional ancillary improvements... More

    Closed 23 September 2020

  • Byford Rail Extension

    The Public Transport Authority (PTA) proposes to construct and operate 8 km of new railway (including dual tracks and associated rail infrastructure), between Armadale and Byford. The proposal includes modification to the existing Armadale Station and construction and operation of a new station... More

    Closed 20 September 2020

  • Establishment of a 40 ha Pivot Irrigation System (Meelon)

    Kelliher Bros. propose to install a 40 ha single pivot irrigation system in Meelon, Western Australia (Shire of Murray). The site is located approximately 20 km south-east of Mandurah and 5 km south east of Pinjarra, and is zoned "rural" under the Local Planning Scheme. The project... More

    Closed 14 September 2020

We Asked, You Said, We Did

Here are some of the issues we have consulted on and their outcomes. See all outcomes

We Asked

Public comment was invited on the referral to help the EPA determine the appropriate level of assessment.

You Said

There is public interest about the environmental effects of the proposal. Many of the matters raised relate to the future broader development plan at Carlton Plain (Stage 2 and 3), Mantinea and Tarrara.

We Did

Due to the public interest in the proposal, the EPA will release the Environmental Management Plan for public comment for 3 weeks. As part of the consultation process, the EPA Chairman will be available to meet with interested people in Kununurra during the review period, to discuss matters related to the Environmental Management Plan.

Read further information about the EPA's decision on level of assessment here.


We Asked

Public comment was invited on the referral to help the EPA determine the appropriate level of assessment.

You Said

There was one comment on this referral, requesting it be assessed as a Public Environmental Review.

We Did

The EPA considers that the likely environmental effects of the proposal are not so significant as to warrant formal assessment. The potential environmental impacts on Flora and Vegetation and Terrestrial Fauna can be adequately dealt with under Part V Division 2 (Clearing) of the Environmental Protection Act 1986. The potential environmental impacts on Inland Waters Environment Quality, Terrestrial Environmental Quality and Rehabilitation and Decommissioning can be adequately dealt with under Part V of the Environmental Protection Act 1986.

We Asked

Public comment was invited on the referral to help the EPA determine the appropriate level of assessment.

You Said

There were 32 comments on this referral; 22 recommended an API B level of assessment and 10 indicated a PER.

We Did

The EPA determined not to assess the proposal as it considers that the proposal is not so significant as to warrant formal assessment. Public advice was provided to the proponent on the management of feral animals. Potential discharges can be dealt with under Part V Division 3 of the EP Act.