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  • Ridley Magnetite Project

    The Ridley Magnetite Project (the Proposal) is located approximately 57 km east of Port Hedland. The proposal is located within a 14,181 ha Development Envelope with an indicative disturbance footprint of 7,406 ha. The proposal is for the mining and processing of iron ore to produce 3 Million tonnes per annum (Mtpa) of magnetite concentrate for export under Stage 1, with an increase to 16.5 Mtpa under Stage 2. The proposal includes a single pit (below water table), run-of-mine pad,... More
    Closed 2 May 2023
  • Beharra Silica Sand Project

    Perpetual Resources Limited propose to develop a silica sand mine in the Geraldton Sandplain bioregion of Western Australia, approximately 300 km north of Perth.  The proposal would include a total disturbance of 590 hectares of native vegetation and will involve sequential mining of sand above the water table. 100 ha will be cleared within the first two years followed by annual clearing of 20 ha cells and progressive rehabilitation of mined cells. Vegetation and topsoil will be... More
    Closed 30 April 2023
  • Kudardup Extractive Industry

    The proposal is for extractive industry on Bussell Highway, Kudardup, in the Shire of Augusta Margaret River. The proposal is based on the Application for Development Approval, June 2020 (ADA) appended to the Shire of Augusta Margaret River’s Planning Approval / Consent No. P220293. The proponent has identified a reduced scope to only include extraction of sand from Cells 7, 8 and 9 (gravel extraction for cells 1,2,3,4,5 and 6 is excluded). All other activities within the ADA,... More
    Closed 15 April 2023
  • Banksia Road Landfill Dardanup Construction and Operation of Landfill Cells 9, 10 and 12A - Additional Information

    Cleanaway Solid Waste Pty Ltd is proposing to establish additional landfill cells (Cells 9, 10 and 12A) within the existing site boundary. The landfill is currently operating under a licence (L8904/2015/1) issued through Part V of the Environmental Protection Act 1986 (EP Act), which allows for the acceptance of liquid waste and Class II and Class III putrescible waste. The proposed final height of waste is proposed to be filled up to 149 mAHD with a maximum landform of 151 mAHD,... More
    Closed 9 April 2023
  • Southdown Magnetite Project

    The Southdown Magnetite Project proposal is an amendment to Ministerial Statement 816 (MS 816). MS 816 approves the construction and operation of an open pit magnetite mine located approximately 90 kilometres east-north-east of Albany. Including pipelines for ore slurry transport and return water, connecting the mine site and port facilities in the Port of Albany. The revised proposal includes the following proposed amendments: • revised mine plan and associated... More
    Closed 26 March 2023
  • Woodside Solar Facility - Additional Information

    The EPA has made this Environmental Review Supporting Document (ERSD) available for public review from 27 February to 17 March 2023. The EPA has extended the public review period by four days in response to the proponent’s request to account for the public holiday. The closing date for submissions is 17 March 2023. Duplicates will not be considered Woodside Energy Ltd is proposing to construct and operate the Woodside Solar Facility in the Maitland Strategic... More
    Closed 17 March 2023
  • Caravel Copper Project

    Caravel Minerals Limited is seeking to develop the Caravel Copper Project, located in the Western Australian (WA) Wheatbelt approximately 150 km north of Perth. The Proposal will produce copper concentrate, which will be transported to port by road. The Proposal includes mine pits, waste rock landforms, tailings storage, ore processing and transfer infrastructure and associated infrastructure such as workshops, laydown areas, landfill, communications, offices, ablutions, wastewater... More
    Closed 26 February 2023
  • Carpenter’s Dam

    Red Moon Property Holdings Pty Ltd and property lessee Altera Ltd propose to construct and operate Carpenter’s dam taking water from 4-mile brook. The proposal is to construct a dam not exceeding 3,400,000 cubic metres in capacity which includes an automatic bypass system that allows at least 8, 000 kilolitres of water to bypass the dam with excess water returned to the original watercourse. The proposal is in Beedelup, WA, approximately 20 kilometres Southwest of... More
    Closed 23 February 2023
  • Ammonia Expansion Project

    CSBP Limited proposes to construct and operate a new ammonia plant within the CSBP Kwinana Industrial Complex in the Kwinana Industrial Area (KIA), located approximately 40 km south of the Perth Central Business District. The proposal will use natural gas sourced from the Dampier to Bunbury Natural Gas Pipeline (DBNGP), integrated with hydrogen production from a 10 megawatt electrolyser manufacture ammonia, which will then be used by CSBP for the manufacture of other chemical products... More
    Closed 14 February 2023
  • Atlas Project - Public Environmental Review

    Image Resources NL is seeking to develop a greenfields mineral sands project, located at Nambung, approximately 18 km east of Cervantes in the Wheatbelt region of Western Australia (WA). The proposal includes the progressive development of mine pits, processing facilities, groundwater bores and water management infrastructure, and associated infrastructure (power supply, communications, workshop, laydown, offices etc.). An Environmental Review Document (ERD) has been prepared... More
    Closed 2 February 2023
  • Narrogin FutureEnergy Park

    FutureEnergy Australia is proposing to construct and operate a biorefinery processing plant to produce a renewable biodiesel. The proposed proposal is located on Lot 31 on Plan 404104, Narrogin, within the shire of Narrogin, Western Australia. The proposal includes a biorefinery plant, a feedstock receival area, woodchip drying beds, and supporting infrastructures. The biorefinery plant will utilize waste lignocellulose biomass as feedstock which will undergo pyrolysis followed by... More
    Closed 1 February 2023
  • Mulga Downs Hub and Rail Spur

    The Mulga Downs Hub and Rail Spur (the Proposal) is located approximately 210 km south of Port Hedland and 180 km northwest of Newman in the Pilbara region of Western Australia. The Proposal is for the development of a hub and rail spur to connect into the existing Roy Hill Railway for the transport of iron ore to Port Hedland. The Proposal includes truck unloading and train loading facilities, product rehandling facilities, stockyards, a laboratory, a rail loop and rail service... More
    Closed 24 January 2023
  • Project Haber

    Project Haber Pty Ltd proposes to construct and operate a 1.4 million tonnes per annum (Mtpa) urea plant in East Arrowsmith (South Erregulla). The proposal is located approximately 280 km north of Perth and 45 km south east of Dongara, in the Shire of Three Springs. The urea plant comprises of an Air Separation Unit (ASU) producing nitrogen, oxygen and hydrogen for various processes; an ammonia synthesis unit; and a granulation and urea production unit. Supporting infrastructure... More
    Closed 22 December 2022
  • Bidaminna Project

    Image Resources NL proposes to develop a mineral sands extraction project south of Orange Springs Road, Cowalla (Shire of Gingin). The proposal includes progressive and linear dredge mining of the sand resource operating over a 10-year period and the development of temporary waste dumps and tailings storage, processing facilities, solar drying ponds, water supply infrastructure and associated supporting infrastructure. The proposed mine disturbance area is approximately 950 hectares... More
    Closed 20 December 2022
  • Change of land use, purpose and condition of land within the Gnangara, Pinjar and Yanchep pine plantations (Gnangara-Moore River State Forest, State Forest 65)

    The referred proposal is for a change in the use, purpose and condition of land within the Gnangara, Pinjar and Yanchep pine plantations from commercial pine plantation managed for the purpose of timber production to a combination of new uses, purposes and conditions other than pine plantations. The change in the use, purpose and condition of land occurs through the progressive harvesting of pine without replacement and post-harvesting land management. The change in the use, purpose... More
    Closed 19 December 2022
  • Perth Surf Park

    PSP Properties Pty Ltd propose to develop and operate a surf park at Lots 800 and Lot 9001 Prinsep Road, and Lot 801 Knock Way, Jandakot (City of Cockburn). The proposal includes development of an open water surfing lagoon, accommodation, food and beverage venues, function centre and events space, skating facilities, and health and wellness facilities. The proposal site is 5.78 hectares (ha) and is bound by industrial use areas to the north and south, the Kwinana Freeway to the west... More
    Closed 4 December 2022
  • Burrup Common User Transmission Infrastructure

    Horizon Power is proposing to construct common user transmission infrastructure to enable the supply of grid electricity to the Burrup Strategic Industrial Area (SIA). The Proposal includes construction of an approximately 7 km long, 132 kV overhead transmission line between the Dampier substation and the Burrup SIA, clearing of unsealed access tracks along the transmission line route, an extension of the existing Dampier substation (inclusive of 132 kV switchgear, fencing and ancillary... More
    Closed 30 November 2022
  • Garden Street Extension, Southern River

    The City of Gosnells (the Proponent) proposes to extend Garden Street between Harpenden Street and Holmes Street in Southern River, which will involve the construction of an 840 m section of a dual carriageway (two lanes each direction). The Proposal is located predominantly within the suburb of Southern River, approximately 17 km south-east of Perth Central Business District (CBD) and intersects within Bush forever site 125 (Holmes Street Bushland). The construction and... More
    Closed 27 November 2022
  • Tonkin Highway grade Separated Interchanges (Hale Road and Welshpool Road) - Additional Information

    Main Roads Western Australia (Main Roads) is proposing to upgrade Tonkin Highway from south of Roe Highway to approximately 1 km north of Kelvin Road to a six-lane dual carriageway. The Proposal will include construction of a half diamond with north facing ramps at the Hale Road intersection in Forrestfield and a grade separated interchange at the intersection of Tonkin Highway and Welshpool Road in Wattle Grove. An Environmental Review Document (ERD) has been prepared by Main... More
    Closed 13 November 2022
  • Limestone Quarry, Lot 4 Binningup Road, Binningup - Additional Information

    GM Giacci Family Trust is proposing to extract limestone from Lot 4 Binningup Road, Binningup in the Shire of Harvey. The limestone is proposed to be extracted in seven stages and crushed and screened on site within a 2-5 year period. The proposal includes 26 hectares of disturbance on previously cleared farmland. GM Giacci Family Trust has prepared additional environmental review documentation in accordance with EPA procedures for public review. The... More
    Closed 13 November 2022
  • Heated Overland Thermal Treatment Pad (‘Hottpad’) System at the Karratha Liquid Waste Treatment Plant and Waste Transfer Station

    The proposal is for the installation and operation of a Heated Overland Thermal Treatment (‘Hottpad’) system at t he Karratha liquid waste treatment plant and waste transfer station located approximately 6 kilometres south-west of Karratha. The Hottpad is intended to treat hydrocarbon-impacted ‘sludge’ from oil and gas operations in the region, that are currently transported interstate for thermal treatment.    The proposal has a ... More
    Closed 7 November 2022
  • Fimiston Gold Mine Operations Extension (Stage 3) and Mine Closure Planning: Revised Proposal - Fimiston South Project

    Kalgoorlie Consolidated Gold Mines is seeking to expand the Fimiston Gold mine operations (Fimiston), l ocated 600 kilometres East of Perth, and adjacent to the C ity of Kalgoorlie-Boulder, Western Australia. The proposal is a significant amendment to the current Fimiston Gold Mine Operations Extension (Stage 2) and Mine Closure Planning, approved under Ministerial Statement 782, operated by Kalgoorlie Consolidated Gold Mines (KCGM).  ... More
    Closed 30 October 2022
  • Alkimos Seawater Desalination Plant - Public Environmental Review

    The Water Corporation is proposing to construct and operate the Alkimos Seawater Desalination Plant, a 100 gigalitre per annum seawater desalination plant and a 6 gigalitre per annum groundwater treatment plant, at the Alkimos water precinct. The project includes a 33.5 kilometre pipeline from the Alkimos site to the Wanneroo Reservoir. Water Corporation has prepared an Environmental Review Document (ERD) in accordance with Environmental Protection Authority (EPA)... More
    Closed 25 October 2022
  • Dampier Seawater Desalination Plant (DSDP)

    The proponent (Hamersley Iron Pty Limited) proposes to build and develop a desalination plant at Parker Point, Dampier, located approximately 2.5km north-east of the Dampier township. This Proposal will establish a reliable potable water supply for the Proponent’s Dampier port operation (including Parker Point and East Intercourse Island), Dampier town and connection into Water Corporation’s West Pilbara Water Supply Scheme (WPWSS).... More
    Closed 23 October 2022
  • Optimised Mardie Project - Additional Information

    Mardie Minerals Pty Ltd is seeking to optimise the Mardie Project which was approved under MS1175. The Mardie Project is a high-volume solar salt and Sulphate of Potash project at Mardie, approximately 80 km south-west of Karratha, in the Pilbara region of Western Australia. The Optimised Proposal is for a ‘significant change’ to the Original Proposal approved under MS 1175. The EPA has set level of assessment at Assess on referral information with additional... More
    Closed 4 October 2022
  • Rafael Seismic Survey

    Buru Energy Ltd propose to undertake a 2D an d 3D geological survey at one site (Rafael patch) in the west Kimberley district, approximately 80 kilometres south of Derby. The proposal would include total disturbance of up to 438 hectares by raised blade clearing of 1147 km of seismic lines and construction of a temporary workers camp within an existing cleared well site. More
    Closed 3 October 2022
  • Gnarabup Tourism Development – Resort and Beach Village – Environmental Scoping Document

    Saracen Properties Pty Ltd (representing 5 Star Margaret River Pty Ltd and The Beach Village Pty Ltd) proposes to develop various lots along Wallcliffe Road, Gnarabup for a resort and beach village. An Environmental Scoping Document (ESD) has been prepared by Emerge Associates in accordance with Environmental Protection Authority procedures and is released for public review. The ESD sets out the preliminary key environmental factors and environmental... More
    Closed 28 September 2022
  • Kemerton Strategic Industrial Area – Environmental Scoping Document

    The public are invited to comment on the draft Terms of Reference ( ToR ) required by the Commonwealth Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water under the Environment Protection Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 ( EPBC Act), and the draft Environmental Scoping Document (ESD) required by the Western Australia Environmental Protection Authority for the Kemerton Strategic Industrial Area ( KSIA ) Strategic Assessment/Strategic Proposal, for a... More
    Closed 27 September 2022
  • Draft revised Environmental Factor Guideline - Greenhouse Gas Emissions

    The EPA is reviewing its Environmental Factor Guideline – Greenhouse Gas Emissions (EFG GHG). The purpose of the EFG GHG is to communicate how GHG emissions are considered by the EPA in the environmental impact assessment (EIA) process. Since the guideline was first published in April 2020 , greenhouse gas emissions from nine significant proposals have been assessed and conditions recommended that require proponents to achieve net zero by... More
    Closed 21 September 2022
  • Mt Weld Rare Earths Project – Life of Mine Proposal

    Mt Weld Mining Pty Ltd proposes to expand the Mt Weld Mine, which includes the construction and operation of a rare earths mine and processing plant , to its life of mine extent. The expansion proposes to increase the d evelopment e nvelope fro m the currently approved 505 h ectares (ha) to 2,802 ha, to allow for expansion of infrastructure and activities , including: a staged transition from diesel fuelled... More
    Closed 11 September 2022
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