Draft Forest Management Plan 2014-23

Closed 7 Nov 2012

Opened 15 Aug 2012


The draft Forest Management Plan 2014–2023 is now open for public submissions until 7 November 2012.

Why your views matter

An Environmental Scoping Document for the draft FMP was prepared under Part IV of the Environmental Protection Act 1986 in accordance with the EPA's Environmental Impact Assessment Procedures 2010. The scoping document, which outlines the scope and content of the Draft Forest Management Plan 2014–2023, was released for a public comment period in May 2012 and approved by the Environmental Protection Authority in July 2012.

The new plan covers the management of forests of the state's south-west, taking into account environmental, economic and social issues.

There will be a 12-week period for the public to comment on the draft FMP.

What happens next

At the close of the public submissions period, the plan will be reviewed in light of all submissions received. A summary of submissions detailing how the plan was or was not amended in response to the submissions will be made available along with the final management plan.


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