Limestone and Sand Excavation, Lot 1002 Preston Beach Road North, Preston Beach - Public Environmental Review

Closed 5 Apr 2022

Opened 8 Mar 2022


The proponent, Doyle’s Lime Service Pty Ltd  is proposing to develop a limestone and sand quarry on Lot 1002 Preston Beach Road North, Preston Beach, located 4.5 kilometres (km) north of the Preston Beach townsite, in the Shire of Waroona.

The Proposal will cover an area of approximately 14.74 hectares (ha), which would be excavated to about five to six metres (m), across eight stages, over 20 years. The proposal would involve screening and crushing of the limestone on site.

Access to the property would be via an existing limestone road, Preston Beach Road North, and the sealed Preston Beach Road that exits onto National Route 1, Forrest Highway. An upgrade is required for Preston Beach Road North to enable the necessary increase in truck traffic, including grading of the road, trimming of roadside vegetation to improve sightlines, 50 m realignment of a public walking trail (within an existing track), and upgrades to the intersection and signage.

In accordance with the Environmental Protection Act 1986 (EP Act), an Environmental Review Document (ERD) has been prepared which describes this proposal and its likely effects on the environment.  Public comment on the ERD is being sought by the EPA and will be used to inform the EPA’s assessment of the proposal. 

The ERD is available for a public review period of four-weeks, from 8 March 2022 to the 5 April 2022


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