Learmonth Pipeline Fabrication Facility - Public Environment Review Consultation

Closed 30 Nov 2019

Opened 2 Oct 2019


Subsea 7 proposes to construct and operate an onshore pipeline fabrication facility at Lots 233 and 1586 to the east of Minilya-Exmouth Road, Learmonth, approximately 35km south of the Exmouth Townsite.

A pipeline bundle co-locates a number of services within a single pipeline for use in the development of offshore gas fields.

The onshore pipeline fabrication site and associated infrastructure includes two Bundle tracks (approximately 10 km in length) along which the Bundles will be constructed and launched from a Bundle launchway that crosses the beach and extends into the subtidal zone at Heron Point in the Exmouth Gulf. Once launched the Bundles will be towed along a pre-determined route between two tugs at a controlled depth to the Bundle Parking area within which tow reconfiguration will occur before continuing offshore. The Bundles will be towed at the surface through the Ningaloo Marine Park and Ningaloo World Heritage Area.

Bundle launch activities are expected to result in 2-days offshore activity per launch in the Heron Point and Exmouth Gulf area with a maximum of 3 launches per annum.

Local Planning Scheme 4, Amendment 1 (Assessment No. 2209)

To accommodate the Learmonth Pipeline Fabrication Facility, the Shire of Exmouth is proposing to rezone the land in Local Planning Scheme 4 from Rural to Special Purpose 10. The EPA is assessing this scheme amendment and will examine the potential environmental impacts from the change in land use.

The public review process for the scheme amendment is also open for public submissions, closing on 30 November 2019.  This public review process is managed by the Shire of Exmouth and the Environmental Review for Assessment No. 2209 is available on the Shire of Exmouth's website https://www.exmouth.wa.gov.au/. For more information about making a submission in relation the scheme amendment, please contact the Shire of Exmouth at Sa1.learmonth@exmouth.wa.gov.au.

Why your views matter

At this stage in the Environmental Impact Assessment Process, input is sought on the content and adequacy of the Environmental Review Document.

The Environmental Review Document provides the EPA with the information it requires in order to report on the potential environmental impacts of a proposal. The Environmental Review:  

  • identifies the key environmental factors for the proposal
  • describes the receiving environment and the results of the surveys undertaken by the proponent to inform the assessment
  • predicts the impacts of the proposal to the key environmental factors
  • describes how the proponent has avoided, minimised and mitigated impacts of the proposal
  • identifies the management actions to be employed to ensure the environmental impacts are not greated than predicted.


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