Scarborough Project Nearshore Component - Additional information

Closed 9 Sep 2019

Opened 12 Aug 2019


The Scarborough Proposal would include the following activities:

• shore crossing site preparation including installation of temporary facilities along the shoreline at the Pluto LNG Facility to facilitate the installation of the trunkline in shallower depths

• preparation works associated with the installation of the trunkline including dredging and associated spoil disposal at existing spoil grounds

• trunkline installation (about 32.7 kilometres long within State waters)

• shore crossing site reinstatement

• rock supply and dumping/sand supply and backfilling of the trench with sand and/or rock to protect the trunkline

• pre-commissioning testing

• commissioning and operation

• decommissioning.


  • All of Western Australia


  • Public


  • Public Environmental Review