Subdivision of Lot 123 Mortimer Road Casuarina - Additional Information

Closed 4 Dec 2023

Opened 20 Nov 2023


Lot 123 Mortimer Road Casuarina (Lot 123) is 45 hectares (ha) in size, and is proposed to be subdivided into two lots; one conservation lot of 7.9 hectares (ha) and a balance lot for residential development. 

Lot 123 contains excellent quality Banksia woodland vegetation, threatened fauna habitat, and a conservation category wetland. 

The Level of Assessment was set at Referral Information with Additional Information (2 weeks public review). The additional information published for public review is required for the EPA assessment: 

  • of the potential impact on Flora and Vegetation 

  • of the potential impact on Terrestrial Fauna 

  • of the potential impact on Inland Waters 

  • to align with the Commonwealth accredited process. 

The additional information is available for download from the proposal case view under 3. Assessment > Environmental Review.  

Public submissions are to be received by the EPA by 4 December 2023. 

Submissions should be made through this consultation hub.  

Alternatively submissions can be  

Posted to:  


Environmental Protection Authority  

Locked Bag 10 

Joondalup DC  WA 6919. 

Delivered to:  

Environmental Protection Authority 

Prime House 

8 Davidson Terrace 

Joondalup  WA  6027.  

If you have any questions on how to make a submission, please contact EPA Services of the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation on 6364 7000.



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