West Musgrave Copper and Nickel Project - Additional Information

Closed 19 Jul 2021

Opened 28 Jun 2021


OZ Minerals Musgrave Operations Pty Ltd propose to develop the West Musgrave Copper and Nickel Project, located in the West Musgrave Ranges of Western Australia,  approximately 1,300 km north-east of Perth near to the intersection of the borders between Western Australia, South Australia and the Northern Territory. The nearest towns include the Indigenous Communities of Jameson (Mantamaru) 26 km north, Blackstone (Papulankutja) 50 km east, and Warburton (Milyirrtjarra) 110 km west of the proposal. 

The proposal includes the development of two copper and nickel deposits via two open pits, with processing facilities, a borefield, temporary and permanent waste landforms, a tailings storage facility, accommodation, airstrip and power infrastructure.  

The proposal would require the clearing of up to 3,830 ha of native vegetation within a Development Envelope of 20,852 ha. The proposed mine life is 26 years.

The Level of Assessment was set at Referral Information with Additional Information (3 week public review). The additional information required was the provision of five (5) Environmental Management Plans for public comment. The EPA has not endorsed these plans, but is making them available for public comment as a part of the assessment. 

The referral information is available as background information on the EPA’s website at https://www.epa.wa.gov.au/proposals/west-musgrave-copper-and-nickel-project  under 1. Referral, however the EPA is seeking public submission on the additional information prepared by OZ Minerals Musgrave Operations Pty Ltd.

The additional information is released for public review for three weeks commencing 28 June 2021 and closing 19 July 2021.


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  • Public Environmental Review