Draft Environmental Assessment Guideline for Consideration of subterranean fauna in environmental impact assessment in Western Australia

Closed 13 May 2013

Opened 18 Mar 2013


Environmental Assessment Guidelines (EAGs) are developed by the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) to provide advice to proponents, consultants and the public about procedures, methodologies and the minimum requirements for environmental impact assessment.

A discussion paper A review of subterranean fauna assessment in Western Australia was released in March 2012 along with a suggested way forward. The EPA was assisted by a five member advisory group which provided direction and guidance on a more strategic and risk-based approach for assessing proposals.

The EPA Advisory Group recognised the need to improve consistency and transparency of assessment procedures and the need to develop an appropriate method of risk assessment, and made recommendations to the EPA in June 2012. Public comments on the discussion paper and expert advice from a Subterranean Fauna Technical Group have informed the development of this guideline.

This draft EAG has been developed to provide guidance on the relevant impact assessment methods where subterranean fauna is likely to be a factor, particularly the standards of survey and type of information required to understand impacts.

It provides advice on the approach that the EPA will take in considering subterranean fauna in environmental impact assessment and how proponents can demonstrate that impacts will be acceptable. This approach will ensure that the information is sufficient to avoid unnecessary effort and delays to assessment of proposals.

Why your views matter

The EPA has endorsed this draft EAG for release for public comment. Your submissions and comments are now invited and will be taken into consideration when finalising this guideline.


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