Eliwana Iron Ore Mine Project - Minor or Preliminary Works Application

Closed 25 Apr 2018

Opened 18 Apr 2018


Fortescue Metals Group Limited has requested consent under section 41A(3) of the Environmental Protection Act 1986 to undertake work it considers to be minor or preliminary in nature. The purpose of this work is to facilitate rapid implementation of the proposal if the mine proposal is approved, by allowing construction personnel, equipment and water requirements to be quickly and safely mobilised to the site.

The works would include construction of the following:

  • an accommodation camp, including spray field, to house construction personnel;
  • access roads;
  • an airstrip and support infrastructure;
  • water supply pipelines; and
  • borrow pits, topsoil stockpiles, and turkey’s nests to support the completion of the early works.

The works would require clearing of approximately 216 hectares. It is expected that all disturbance would be adequately rehabilitated in the event that the mine proposal is not approved.

What Happens Next

Following the seven day public comment period and consideration of any comments received, the EPA will decide whether or not this proposal requires environmental impact assessment and, if so, what level of assessment will be applied.

The EPA's decisions on level of assessment are released each Monday on the EPA's website.


  • All of Western Australia


  • Public


  • Seven-day comment on referrals