Parker Range (Mt Caudan) Iron Ore Haul Road Proposal

Closed 2 Jun 2021

Opened 27 May 2021


In order to support the continued growth and optimisation of Mineral Resources Limited (MRL) Yilgarn Operations, the Parker Range Iron Ore Project (PRIOP) is now proposed to be developed as a satellite operation to the Yilgarn Iron Pty Ltd Koolyanobbing Project (Koolyanobbing Operations). The Proposal has been referred as a Revised Proposal for the Parker Range (Mount Caudan) Iron Ore Proposal, which is approved under Ministerial Statement 892.  

The Proposal intends to develop a new private haul road route running in a south-north direction for approximately 88 kilometres (km) adjacent to the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development’s State Barrier Fence and in a north-east direction, towards the Koolyanobbing Operations. The proposal would be located approximately 15 km southwest of Marvel Loch, in the Shire of Yilgarn.    

The Proposal would utilise existing site infrastructure associated with the PRIOP and Koolyanobbing Operations where possible, and MRL does not seek to alter any existing approved impacts associated with the mining operations. 

The proposal would require the clearing of no more than 298 hectares (ha) of native vegetation and use up to 54 ha of existing disturbance, resulting in a 352 ha Indicative Footprint, within a 539 ha Development Envelope. 

The proposed haul road would operate for approximately six years.

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