Romanesque 3D and Black Cormorant 2D Seismic Acquisition Survey

Closed 10 Dec 2020

Opened 4 Dec 2020


Energy Resources Ltd proposes to undertake 3D (Romanesque) and 2D (Black Cormorant) seismic acquisition surveys to map the subsurface geology of an area within petroleum exploration permits EP 389 (R4), EP 440 (R1), and petroleum production licences L 18 and L 19.  The proposal is located within the Shire of Gingin.  

The Romanesque 3D seismic acquisition survey comprises of 594 line kilometres of seismic lines plus 72 line kilometres of contingent lines.  The Black Cormorant 2D seismic acquisition survey comprises of 153 line kilometres of seismic lines plus 103 line kilometres of contingent lines. 

The proposal covers an area of approximately 205 km2 within the Perth Basin. The proposal is largely on cleared farmland and will require temporary disturbance of up to 3.73 hectares of native vegetation to create access lanes for the vibroseis trucks and light vehicles.  The proposal is to be undertaken over a total activity period of about 12 weeks. 

The aim of the proposal is to enable identification of petroleum reservoir rocks for potential future conventional resource extraction.

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