Thunderbird Mineral Sands Project - Minor or Preliminary Works

Closed 21 Jun 2017

Opened 14 Jun 2017


Sheffield Resources Limited has requested consent from the Environmental Protection Authority under section 41A(3) of the Environmental Protection Act 1986 to undertake work it considers to be minor or preliminary in nature. The purpose of the works is to collect geotechnical information to inform mine design, equipment selection and suitability of mine waste for construction material.

The work includes the following:

- Construction and use of a 60-person Accommodation Village.

- Abstraction of groundwater for dust suppression from existing licensed bores previously used to supply water for exploration purposes.

- Construction and operation of a Wastewater Treatment Plant with treated effluent disposed of on a 2 hectare spray field.

- Construction and operation of a landfill.

- Two geotechnical trenches.

- Onsite screening and grading of ore.

- Onsite storage of waste, ore and topsoil.

- Upgrades to site access roads.

The above works involve disturbing approximately 22 hectares of native vegetation and will take approximately 12 weeks to complete.


Why We Are Consulting

Due to interest in this proposal, the proposed changes are being advertised to allow public comment before a decision is made.


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