Tonkin Highway, Guildford Road to Hepburn Avenue

Closed 15 Aug 2019

Opened 9 Aug 2019


The Commissioner of Main Roads is proposing to undertake modification works within the existing Tonkin Highway Road Reserve between Guildford Road and Hepburn Avenue. 

The proposed modification works allow for:

  • Future upgrade of Tonkin Highway to a four lane ‘all-lane-running’ scenario
  • Future construction and operation of a mass transit system within the Tonkin Highway media by other agencies.

The proposed modification works will require realignment and reconstruction of the Tonkin Highway Road and Median within an already disturbed footprint.

Why we are consulting

At this initial stage of the EIA process, comment is simply sought on whether or not the EPA should assess a proposal and, if so, what level of assessment is considered appropriate.

What happens next

Following the seven day public comment period and consideration of any comments received, the EPA will decide whether or not this proposal requires environmental impact assessment and, if so, what level of assessment will be applied.

The EPA's decisions on level of assessment are released each Monday on the EPA's website.


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  • Seven-day comment on referrals