Ashburton Infrastructure Project - Additional Information

Closed 8 Aug 2022

Opened 25 Jul 2022


Onslow Iron Pty ltd (a wholly owned subsidiary of Mineral Resources Limited) is proposing to develop a fully sealed private haul road, approximately 125 km in length, starting from about 45 km southwest of Pannawonica to access the Port of Ashburton. Within the Port, landside and marine facilities will be developed to support export of up to 40 million tonnes of ore per annum (Mtpa) over a minimum 30-year period.

The EPA has set level of assessment at Assess on referral information with additional information requested.  The Additional Referral Information Documentation for the Ashburton Infrastructure Project is now available for public review. 

The public review period for this document is two weeks, commencing on 25 July 2022 and ending on 8 August 2022. 

The additional information provides details of the cumulative impacts across all Environmental Factors. 

  • Additional Flora and Vegetation surveys, including targeted Owenia acidula (Priority 3 species) surveys in previously unsurveyed areas 

  • Additional Terrestrial Fauna surveys in previously unsurveyed areas 

  • Benthic Community surveys in previously unsurveyed areas and inclusion of Benthic Communities and Habitats as a key environmental factor 

  • Revised dredging program and plume modelling 

  • Additional information on underwater noise management 

  • Additional details of potential impacts of dust, noise and drainage in areas close to the port facility and haul road 

  • Operational impacts and their mitigation along the haul road 

  • Updated consultation with stakeholders 


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If you have any questions on how to make a submission, please ring the EPA Services of the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation on 6364 7000.



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