Learmonth Pipeline Fabrication Facility

Closed 26 May 2019

Opened 20 May 2019


Subsea 7 proposes to construct and operate an onshore pipeline fabrication facility at Lots 233 and 1586 to the east of Minilya-Exmouth Road, Learmonth, approximately 35km south of the Exmouth Townsite.

A pipeline bundle co-locates a number of services within a single pipeline for use in the development of offshore gas fields.

The onshore pipeline fabrication site and associated infrastructure includes two Bundle tracks (approximately 10 km in length) along which the Bundles will be constructed and launched from a Bundle launchway that crosses the beach and extends into the subtidal zone at Heron Point in the Exmouth Gulf. Once launched the Bundles will be towed along a pre-determined route between two tugs at a controlled depth to the Bundle Parking area within which tow reconfiguration may occur before continuing offshore. The Bundles will be towed at the surface through the Ningaloo Marine Park and Ningaloo World Heritage Area.

Bundle launch activities are expected to result in 2-days offshore activity per launch in the Heron Point and Exmouth Gulf area with a maximum of 3 launches per annum.

This proposal was previously referred to the EPA and the level of assessment set at PER (Assessment No 2136).  Assessment 2136 Learmonth Bundle Site proposal was terminated to allow an expanded footprint to be assessed and this revised footprint has been included as part of a revised proposal characteristics.

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What happens next

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