St Ives Gold Mine – Beyond 2018 Project - Change to Proposal

Closed 15 Jun 2017

Opened 9 Jun 2017


St Ives Gold Mining Company Pty Limited (SIGMC) has requested a Change to Proposal through section 43A of the EP Act. SIGMC proposes the following changes to the Beyond 2018 Project:

  • a single Development Envelope around the indicative disturbance areas for both lake-based and land-based development; and
  • an increase in dewatering discharge from 30 gigalitres per annum (GL/a) to 40 GL/a.


Why We Are Consulting

Due to interest in this proposal, the proposed changes are being advertised to allow public comment before a decision on the requested s43A change is made.


  • All of Western Australia


  • Public


  • Comment on proposal under assessment