Limestone and Sand Quarry - Lot 1002 Preston Beach Road, North Preston Beach

Closed 21 Sep 2016

Opened 14 Sep 2016


Doyles Lime Services proposed to extract limestone and sand at Lot 1002, Preston Beach North Road, Preston Beach (Shire of Waroona). 

The proposal is adjacent to the Yalgorup National Park and is located 600 metres south west from the edge of Lake Pollard, a RAMSAR listed wetland.

The proposal would include a total disturbance of 13 hectares developed in four stages, and excavations up to 16 metres in depth.

Why your views matter

At this initial stage of the EIA process, comment is simply sought on whether or not the EPA should assess a proposal and, if so, what level of assessment is considered appropriate.

The following diagram shows the stage this referral is at:

Diagram showing where the seve-day public comment sits in the overall assessment process

What happens next

Following the seven day public comment period and consideration of any comments received, the EPA will decide whether or not this proposal requires environmental impact assessment and, if so, what level of assessment will be applied.

The Chairman's decisions on level of assessment are released each Monday on the EPA's website.


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  • Seven-day comment on referrals