Dawesville Area 1B, 5A & pump station (No. 7) and pressure main and area 4A & pump station (No. 13) and pressure main

Closed 14 Jan 2013

Opened 8 Jan 2013


Water Corporation proposes to construct a gravity-fed reticulated sewer system in Dawesville, south of Mandurah. The sewer system will be part of Water Corporation's Infill Sewerage Program whereby established areas using septic tanks for wastewater disposal are connected to the existing sewerage scheme. Majority of the sewer system will be installed in the Water Corporation easement on private properties or in Road Reserves.

What happens next

Following the seven day public comment period and consideration of any comments received, the EPA will decide whether or not this proposal requires environmental impact assessment and, if so, what level of assessment will be applied.


The Chairman's decisions on level of assessment are released each Monday on the EPA's website.


  • All of Western Australia


  • Public


  • Seven-day comment on referrals